CSR-compatible meal vouchers

How to dematerialize meal vouchers, what are the legal obligations? All the answers in our white paper.

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The meal voucher, the favourite benefit of the French

Still popular 50 years after their creation, meal vouchers have taken different forms over the years: paper vouchers, smart cards, mobile applications, etc.

The meal voucher is being reinvented but is still just as popular. If meal vouchers are so successful, it is because they offer numerous advantages for companies, employees and restaurant owners alike.

How does it work?

If you want to modernise your benefits and offer your employees a catering solution, we can answer all your questions about :

  • financing of the meal voucher
  • rules of engagement
  • framework and legal obligations
  • rules of use

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The Worklife CSR meal voucher card

In this white paper, we help you answer all your questions about meal vouchers and their implementation. Worklife offers, for the first time, a meal voucher offer that is 100% compatible with your CSR challenges.

Download the white paper and discover :

✔️ meal vouchers in 2022
✔️ benefits for everyone
✔️ instructions for implementing the solution
✔️ market study: restaurant owners and commissions
✔️ CSR-compatible meal voucher offer

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