The Worklife multi-benefit card vs. Edenred's Ticket Restaurant®.

Choose the only issuer of dematerialized, ethical meal vouchers that doesn't take commissions from retailers and restaurateurs.

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Offering France's favorite benefit to its employees requires both a dedicated project manager and training in the new tool. Both Edenred and Worklife offer in-depth support to ensure that the change is managed internally.

Edenred, pioneer of the Ticket Restaurant®, capitalizes on its 40 years of experience. This is reflected in its ability to offer both paper and paperless meal vouchers, benefiting from a dense network of partners that guarantees acceptance in a large number of chains.

Edenred also offers a range of Ticket Restaurant® vouchers, including Ticket CESU, Ticket Mobilité and Ticket Service. Each benefit has its own dedicated financing card.
For its part, Worklife is a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group, offering an innovative range of 100% dematerialized meal vouchers that can be used on an unlimited acceptance network, within the legal framework. Worklife is the first issuer to take no commission from restaurant owners.

Thanks to meal vouchers, 99% of employees install the Worklife application and 92% open it at least once a week. Worklife is seizing this opportunity to enhance its customers' social foundation and employer brand. An ultra-customizable application makes all the company's benefits visible (mutual insurance, employee savings, etc.), while the single payment card can group together other financing (Cesu, FMD, etc.). HR and CSR teams have an all-in-one management interface to measure the impact of their pay policy.

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At Worklife, we guarantee an optimal user experience to revolutionize your employees' lunch break.
Trustpilot* rating
iOS & Android mobile application and webapp
Application can be customized with your logo and colors
Mastercard with personalized logo
Multi-benefits on a single card
Virtual map available
Live customer service
Expense management (expenses, expense reports)
Marketplace partnerships (discounts, free products)
Acceptance network for 100% of CNTR-approved brands
Sign map
Account activation even if card not received
0% commission from retailers and restaurateurs
*Data as of April 15, 2024

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Our obsession: to enable you to have an ecological, economic and social impact through your benefits and compensation policy.
The only all-in-one employee benefits platform
An all-in-one solution integrated with your HR tools to optimize and develop your employee benefits strategy.
The only solution that enhances your employer brand
It's your organization that stands out, not Worklife! Your employees finally realize what you do for them.
The largest acceptance network
The largest network of merchant partners, whatever the benefit. No commissions, no restrictions.
Free, highly responsive customer service
Daily support for your users, to guarantee an optimal employee experience.
Leader in responsible benefits
In the field of sustainable mobility, and the only provider of meal vouchers with a 0% commission ethical business model.
Usage-only billing
You're only billed for employee benefits once they've been used. No more losses, no more wasted budgets.

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