Sustainable Mobility Package, how does it work?

The white paper to understand all about the DMF and deploy its policy to support soft mobility.

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What is the Sustainable Mobility Package?

The sustainable mobility package represents an optional payment by the employer of the cost of home-to-work transport for employees using "soft mobility" (bicycle, scooter, etc.), "alternative" modes (carpooling, etc.) or public transport without a subscription.

Introduced by the law on the orientation of mobility (LOM), it was implemented on 9 May 2020. Thanks to the Sustainable Mobility Package, the company facilitates the travel of its employees and supports the transition to more ecological mobility.

Why introduce the Sustainable Mobility Package?

The benefits of implementing the Sustainable Mobility Package are many:

  • reducing the company's carbon footprint,
  • highlighting its CSR policy;
  • contribution to the improvement of the well-being of employees at work ;
  • employer brand boost.

But also, and this is generally less well known, the Forfait mobilités durables can be a source of significant savings for the company!

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The easy mobility offer with Worklife

Download this white paper and discover how to implement the sustainable mobility package simply for your employees:

✔️ Eligible modes of transport
✔️ Employees and cases concerned
✔️ Exemptions from company charges
✔️ HR feedback
✔️ The FMD Worklife offer in detail

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