Individual Social Assessment, how to innovate?

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What is the ISB?

A Total Rewards Statement (TRS) is an annual and individual document for each employee. It summarises the various components of his or her remuneration, both financial (net salary, bonuses, benefits, etc.) and non-financial (leave, training, health insurance, etc.). It's an accessible and educational HR tool that goes beyond simple information on remuneration.

What is the content of the ISB?

It is a document often jointly drafted by the HR team and managers. The content varies according to the position held by the employee, but the following categories are most often included

  • amount of basic salary, any bonuses and variable remuneration ;
  • profit-sharing ;
  • continuing education ;
  • employee benefits (luncheon vouchers, home-work transport costs, personal services, teleworking allowance, crèche places, etc.);
  • complementary health ;
  • pension provision ;
  • employee savings scheme ;
  • working time (RTT, special leave).
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The Worklife ISB: "Live Total Rewards

Download our BSI Live white paper and find out how you can make the most of your salary package throughout the year. It answers the following questions, among others:

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