Worklife, employee benefits that make a difference

The ultimate card and app to create, manage and finance all your company benefits. A complete platform to unite your employees.
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Why Worklife?

Unite and enhance all your benefits

Manage all your benefits in one place. Save time and simplify the process.

Attract and retain top talent

Enjoy a mobile app and payment card for all your employees as Worklife has adapted to new, modern ways of working. We're accessible everywhere and allow your employees to manage their benefits independently.

We place benefits at the heart of your HR policy

Benefits help motivate your employees and encourages a committed and dedicated mentality. Use Worklife as a privileged channel of communication to nurture of your employer brand.

An equitable and economical solution

Optimize your costs, benefit from exemption from surplus charges and utilise tax credit.

Finance all employee benefits

Use the same card to finance meal vouchers, mobility or personal services according to your needs. Save up to €3,900 in taxes per employee per year. Activate the options you want!

One app to combine all your existing benefits

  • Unify all your benefits in one place (payment vouchers, health insurance, psychological support lines, nursery places, etc.).
  • Edit the display according to your specific subsidiaries and establishments.
  • A platform to promote your brand to employees and an instant communication channel between the company and workforce.
  • Add new benefits at any time according to your needs.
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A single and simple management interface

  • An administration interface for the HR team, intuitive and automated, and its control panel
  • The management and financing of employee benefits (ordering meal vouchers, mobility vouchers, care services vouchers) are finally grouped together in one single place.
  • Expert content to animate your social policy. An effective tool for disseminating your HR messages

Discover our modules

Meal vouchers (France only)

100% dematerialized restaurant vouchers, 100% solidarity. Worklife is the only issuer of meal vouchers that does not take any commission from the restaurant owners.

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Sustainable transport (France only)

Finance mobility in a different way: reimbursement of transport passes, sustainable mobility packages and petrol costs on the same card. No more managing receipts.

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Domestic Care Services

Fund child care and personal care services. Worklife is the most economical way to increase the purchasing power of your employees. A digital alternative to the classic Cesu.

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Remote work allowance (France only)

Finance office automation, computer equipment and internet connection expenses for your teleworking employees and improve their working conditions

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