Worklife, an individual social balance sheet (ISB) at its best

Roll out and enhance your benefits throughout the year!

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A real time individual social balance sheet

Bring your benefits to life year-round

A tool to enhance the value of your HR policy

Present your benefits in an personalised and accessible way to each employee

An essential HR communication channel

Get your key messages across in a direct and clear communication channel to your employees

A real time ISB to engage your employees
Engage your employees with a comprehensive benefits management platform. Don't wait for the individual social report at the end of the year. With Worklife, each employee has a clear view of the benefits offered and those they have received, in real time. Bring your benefits to life throughout the year!
Make your employees aware of the value of their benefits
Worklife illustrates your total investment, and allows employees to see all the benefits they can enjoy. Your employees have a better understanding of the different schemes that have been implemented for them, which in turn helps to increase their buy-in and motivation.
A privileged communication channel for your HR messages
Send relevant messages to your employees through the most appropriate channel. The Worklife app allows you to communicate with your employees via push notifications at any time, whether they are on public transport, at their desk or on their couch.


Improve the well-being of your employees and attract the best talent!

Simply offering competitive compensation systems are no longer sufficient to attract and retain the best talent. A positive working culture is essential too, and a great quality of life at work has become a key employer brand advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

Give benefits that matter!

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