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Enhance the purchasing power you finance for your employees

Benefits represent a substantial salary supplement, but their perceived value to employees remains moderate. UpOne and Worklife both offer integrated multi-benefit solutions, to facilitate employee spending, enhance their experience and increase their satisfaction.

Launched by the cooperative society with the Up mission, UpOne embodies the desire to diversify an initial offering, to better match employee expectations.Social usefulness is a priority for the Scop, which has a long history of promoting employee purchasing power and offers a wide range of benefits: catering, mobility, gifts, culture, leisure, sports and vacations.
A subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group, the Worklife solution shares the same ambition of optimizing employee compensation packages. In addition, it adds impact to corporate social policies. Ultra-complete, it combines a high-performance administrator interface, a payment card that translates the value of benefits into euros, and a mobile application in the employer's colors.

The latter provides a personalized display of benefits, giving employees a clear view of the purchasing power financed by their employer. Internally, HR teams can communicate with employees via notifications. All of these features make the Worklife solution a fantastic opportunity to add value to a company's image and boost employee buy-in.

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Worklife is the only all-in-one employee benefits platform that enhances the impact of your social policy on a daily basis.
Trustpilot* rating
iOS & Android mobile application and webapp
Application can be customized with your logo and colors
Mastercard with personalized logo
Multi-benefits on a single card
Virtual map available
Live customer service
Marketplace partnerships (discounts, free products)
Acceptance network for 100% of CNTR-approved brands
Expenditure in excess of available balance
Donations of meal vouchers to associations
0% commission from retailers and restaurateurs
*Data as of April 15, 2024

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Choosing Worklife means standing out from the crowd

Our obsession: to enable you to have an ecological, economic and social impact through your benefits and compensation policy.
The only all-in-one employee benefits platform
An all-in-one solution integrated with your HR tools to optimize and develop your employee benefits strategy.
The only solution that enhances your employer brand
It's your organization that stands out, not Worklife! Your employees finally realize what you do for them.
The largest acceptance network
The largest network of merchant partners, whatever the benefit. No commissions, no restrictions.
Free, highly responsive customer service
Daily support for your users, to guarantee an optimal employee experience.
Leader in responsible benefits
In the field of sustainable mobility, and the only provider of meal vouchers with a 0% commission ethical business model.
Usage-only billing
You're only billed for employee benefits once they've been used. No more losses, no more wasted budgets.

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