Inflation, how to defend the purchasing power of employees?

Mileage allowance, meal vouchers, personal services... the essential white paper for compensation policies that defend employees' purchasing power.

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"Purchasing power is the responsibility of companies"

This is what Philippe Portier, national secretary of the CFDT, says. At the end of May 2022, according to INSEE, consumer prices rose by 5.2% in one year. Faced with this record level of inflation, the purchasing power of the French has become a major concern for companies. Their responsibility is engaged and employees expect concrete actions from them. They have no choice but to review their compensation policies.

Wage increases are not the only option

Numerous schemes exist to improve remuneration without penalizing the financial structure of the company. Exempt from social security contributions and free of all taxation, they offer a gain in purchasing power at a lower cost for all those involved. They have a direct impact on employees' daily lives.

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Worklife helps you defend the purchasing power of your employees

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