Telework, the new needs

Legal framework, employee expectations: the essential white paper to understand the telework revolution.

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Telework, towards a new employee experience?

Telework has been propelled by the health crisis, and companies have been catapulted into the future of work at breakneck speed! Today, the sustainability of telework is pushing companies to completely rethink the work experience: organisation, location, collaboration, mobility, culture...

How to make telework a lever for improving the quality of life at work? How to seize this opportunity to create a differentiating employer brand?

Telework allowance: instructions for use

Do you want to meet the new demands of your employees and set up a teleworking allowance but don't know where to start? You are asking yourself:

  • which employees are affected
  • what amount is allocated
  • how to finance this allowance
  • what types of expenditure are to be financed

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Worklife telework allowance

This white paper helps you to understand the new expectations of your employees and shares with you the steps to follow for a telework allocation adapted to your needs. You will find in particular the following topics:

✔️ statistics on employees' expectations

✔️ legal obligations of the employer

✔️ the method for calculating the telework allowance

✔️ the list of expenses that can be exempted from tax

✔️ all about Worklife telework allowance

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