New employee expectations: improve the comfort of your teleworking employees

Employees are turning to employers who encourage their teams to work remotely. Find out how you can better support them.

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Contents of this white paper

The growth and sustainability of teleworking since the health crisis has prompted employers to completely rethink the work experience: organization, location, collaboration, mobility, culture...

Our aim with this white paper is to decipher the new expectations of employees and share with you best practices in teleworking support.

Here you'll find :

✔️ statistics on employee expectations
✔️ legal employer obligations
✔️ the method for calculating teleworking allowance
✔️ the list of expenses that can be tax-exempt
✔️ all about the Worklife teleworking allowance

Give your employees the best possible remote working conditions, with an appropriate allowance, while promoting your employer brand.

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