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Only one card is needed! Your employees can link their personal card to their Worklife card via the app. If the daily meal voucher amount has been spent, the Worklife card completes the payment using the linked card.
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We lose a lot of money from meal vouchers, they're not profitable for a lot of our sales. The current system is detrimental to the profitability and survival of small businesses
Restaurant owner in the 8th arrondissement of Paris
I have no choice at the moment. If we don't accept meal vouchers, a lot of our customers will go elsewhere.
Owner of a café in Calvados - Normandy
Our customers now know a fair alternative to commission-based meal vouchers
Claire and Michel, managers of the Locafé restaurant in Grenoble
We only want to accept ethical meal vouchers
Christine and Hervé Dindin, managers of the Auberge de Cercoux

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