How Worklife meal vouchers support Le Collectionist's employer brand

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To enhance the well-being of its employees, Le Collectionist relies on Worklife's ethical meal voucher solution.
97% of equipped employees use their Worklife card.
Audrey Boufflers, Director of Human Resources
Company :
The Collectionist
Holiday home rental agency
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Meal vouchers

The aim: to meet employees' pressing needs without impacting on business

Since its creation in 2013, Le Collectionist has aimed to improve the quality of life and working conditions of its employees. The Paris-based company specializing in luxury vacation rentals decided to introduce meal vouchers in response to insistent in-house needs and requests.

When looking for service providers, Audrey Boufflers, Director of Human Resources, was faced with two issues:

  • Managing the purchase and monthly distribution of luncheon vouchers is a time-consuming and energy-intensive task;
  • Many restaurant owners refuse to accept luncheon vouchers, because of the charges levied when a customer uses this method of payment.
"Benefits can make all the difference if it's in line with the company's values."

The solution: Worklife's ethical meal vouchers

It was for these challenges that Audrey Boufflers turned to Worklife to equip Le Collectionist's 135 employees. Unlike traditional meal voucher issuers, Worklife takes no commission from restaurant owners. An ethical and supportive approach, which did not escape the Human Resources Director's eye. With a standard payment card, the company's employees have access to the most extensive acceptance network on the market.

Internally, Le Collectionist's HR teams worked hand-in-hand with Worklife's to implement the interface. The solution was also integrated into the payroll tool already in place. Audrey can order the new meal vouchers in just a few clicks. The Human Resources Manager appreciates the support, attentiveness and responsiveness of the Worklife teams.

More than just a meal voucher management tool, Audrey Boufflers sees Worklife as a genuine means of boosting Le Collectionist's employer brand. Thanks to the mobile application with which employees are equipped, she has an exclusive communication channel for informing employees about all the benefits offered by the company, including those not managed by Worklife.

The Worklife application is becoming a real tool for boosting our employer brand, much more than a meal voucher application.

The result: employees who feel they are listened to, and greater commitment.

97% of Le Collectionist employees use their Worklife card regularly, with an average of 320 transactions per week. Audrey Boufflers is delighted with the positive impact this solution has had on her users' experience. Their expectations have been fulfilled, they have access to a wide range of catering options and feel involved in a supportive approach to merchants.

At the same time, they can track their expenses in real time and easily control their catering budget. Such has been the response that Audrey Boufflers is planning to use the Worklife card and application to extend the benefits offered to company employees.

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