Worklife, the only issuer of meal vouchers supported by restaurant owners

Finally a commission-free meal voucher issuer, designed for restaurant owners!

We can only welcome the arrival of Worklife, a more social issuer that shows that an economic model that does not put all the costs on the backs of restaurant owners is possible
Hubert Jan
President UMIH Restauration
Other economic models exist that are more virtuous for restaurateurs
Laurent Fréchet
President of the restaurant branch GNI

Why accept Worklife meal vouchers?

Because you simply don't have to do anything, no management, no delay.
That the Worklife meal voucher card is simply a classic bank card.
And you won't have to pay any commission on the payments.

Why us, why you?

Our credo

Meal vouchers bring value to your company by being part of a global benefits approach. They become an engine of commitment for your employees who feel supported in maintaining their purchasing power.

Our business model

Worklife is the only issuer of meal vouchers that undertakes not to take any commission from restaurant owners. It is then up to you, the company, to support the implementation of this social benefit for your employees.

Our social mission

Worklife is committed to being a responsible partner for restaurant owners. We want to encourage all meal voucher issuers to reduce their ever-increasing commissions.

Would you like to join us?

Please provide us with your professional contact details.
We simply add you to our list.
The 1,000,000 employees who already use Worklife will be able to pay for their lunch or their shopping at your place.
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Your most frequently asked questions?

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