Commute to work flexibly with sustainable mobility

Fit with our employees' needs, take care of your company mobility budget and the planet! 

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Save up to 3 days of administrative management per month

No more individual receipt management, no more risk of fraud.

Choose the smartest employee card ever!

Adapted to all needs. Automatic employer/employee expenses split.

Combine public transport costs and Sustainable Commuting on the same card

Offer more freedom to your employees: metro in winter, bike rental in summer. The Worklife card allows you to finance every form of public transport, including single fares, and all major sustainable mobility players.

Real-time split of payment between employer and employee

No more receipts to manage! You decide the percentage reimbursed, your employees pay with their Worklife card and the distribution is automatic.

How do your employees benefit from
their company mobility allowance?

A flexible mobility allowance that adapts to all needs

Guillaume's mobility

Guillaume lives in the Parisian suburbs, he likes to cycle to work in summer but prefers the metro in winter.
Mobility allowance :
800 € /year
Employer's contribution rate :
12 km
Office work policy

Leïla's mobility

Leïla lives more than 60km from her workplace. She alternates between carpooling and public transport. To get to the nearest train station, she takes her car.
Mobility allowance :
600 € /year
Employer's contribution rate :
68 km
Hybrid remote work policy

Martin's mobility

Martin works in a warehouse, only accessible by car. He commutes by electric car, which he recharges via charging stations provided at his workplace.
Mobility allowance :
500 € /year
Employer's contribution rate :
24 km
Office work policy

Your most frequently asked questions about mobility with Worklife

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Why is it compulsory to link the Worklife card with the employee's personal IBAN?
For employees with annual passes, how do you ensure that they have not suspended their pass during the year?

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