How Bartle strengthens its CSR strategy with Worklife

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Bartle, a consulting firm renowned for its commitments, relies on the Worklife employee benefits solution to reinforce its CSR ambitions and support the purchasing power of its 200 employees.
100% of employees regularly use their Worklife card.
Jean-Baptiste Sourice
Company :
Consulting firm
Number of employees :
Offer :
Sustainable mobility package / meal vouchers

The goal: meet employees' new expectations with a responsible approach

In 2019, Bartle becomes the first French generalist consulting firm to be certified B Corp. Two years after obtaining this label, which promotes the environmental, social and societal commitments of companies on an international scale, Bartle is looking to take its strategy one step further. The firm is looking for a benefits solution in line with its ambition to meet the new expectations of its 200 employees. Objectives :

  • offer employees greater flexibility in terms of sustainable mobility
  • offer an ethical and responsible catering service

Easy to use and comprehensive, the solution will enable Bartle to centralize all its employee benefits.

The solution: Worklife's committed multi-benefit offer

To meet this need, Jean-Baptiste Sourice, CFO, turned to Worklife for its offer combining a sustainable mobility package (FMD) and responsible meal vouchers. Thanks to the FMD, the company's employees can choose and change their mode of sustainable transport. They benefit from flexibility in their journeys and are encouraged by their employer to travel in a more virtuous way.

On the foodservice side, Bartle was keen to work with a committed provider of meal vouchers. Here, too, it has done so with Worklife, which remains the only meal voucher solution that takes no commission from restaurant owners.

By choosing Worklife, Jean-Baptiste Sourice has enabled Bartle to benefit from a solution that combines employee benefits and CSR. All this, with an administrator interface that simplifies the operational management of HR teams by grouping all benefits in one place.

After the crisis, our employees' mobility needs had changed considerably, and we had to adapt.

The result: an enhanced CSR commitment and committed employees

The choice of a responsible benefits solution underlines Bartle's strong commitment and promotes the consulting firm's values of solidarity.

Thanks to the Worklife solution, Bartle is making a gesture in favor of increasing its employees' purchasing power. They have an all-in-one payment card, which enables them to use the budget envelopes for the sustainable mobility package and luncheon vouchers. And they've been won over: of the 200 cards activated, 200 are used regularly by the firm's employees.

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