At last, a flexible sports offer that supports your employees' personal development

Your employees enjoy a wide range of sporting activities thanks to a personalized benefit exempt from social security contributions.

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of employees would like to work for a company that encourages the practice of sport.
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Why offer your employees a sports benefit?


Improving health and productivity

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of illness, improves mental health and reduces stress. In better shape, your employees are better able to handle professional challenges.
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Simply increasing purchasing power

Gym membership, classes and sports coaching can represent a significant expense. By covering all or part of these costs, you can allocate this budget to other needs.

Boosting attractiveness and retention

Offering a sports benefit enhances your corporate culture and reinforces your image as an employer who cares about the well-being of its employees. You'll attract the best talent, and increase commitment and satisfaction.

Choosing the Worklife advantage means making a difference  

The largest acceptance network

  • Define your list of eligible merchants: gyms, clubs, associations, coaching...
  • No need to multiply subscription contracts with Worklife
  • L'avantage sport can be used anywhere in France
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Flexible, cost-effective and easy to manage

  • Reimburse all or part of your employees' sports-related expenses
  • Customize your amounts according to your policy
  • Finance what you actually use

Simple financing with the Worklife card

  • Your employees can finance their sporting activities with their Worklife card or contactless payment.
  • The distribution of the employer/employee share is instantaneous in the event of an allowance overrun
  • Expense tracking available in 3 clicks on the application

All management is connected to your internal payroll tool

  • Recovery of your data in compliance with the RGPD
  • Compatibility with URSAFF requirements
  • Via secure downloadable file

Frequently asked questions about the Worklife sports allowance

What expenses are covered by the Worklife sports benefit?
Is there a limit to the amount of sports aid I can receive?
What are the conditions for exemption?
Will I be able to validate my employees' receipts?

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