A unique payment card that reflects the value of employee benefits!

Employees finally translate their benefits into euros and understand the positive impact on their purchasing power.

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The only payment card that increases your employees' daily purchasing power!

restaurant card

The largest acceptance network

A payment card from the Visa network
You define your acceptance network according to your advantages, without any brand restriction
An Ethical alternative

A proactive card that benefits everyone

In line with your CSR challenges
0% commission for restaurant owners
Say goodbye to cash advances! Track live expenses via the application!
restaurant card

Your employees pay with one card

All the employee benefits you offer are credited to it
Direct and easy access to more purchasing power on a daily basis

No spending limit imposed

The benefit offered is automatically recognized at the time of payment to deduct the correct allowance
Association with their personal card to pay without limit of amount
Ultra Intelligent

Real-time division of purchases

Automatic division of the employer-funded part and employee-funded part
Withdrawal from the right allocation and the right account

The Worklife solution adapts to your needs

Worklife for Sandra - Office Manager

Sandra's company has chosen Worklife to manage meal vouchers and Sustainable Commuting for their employees. Sandra, therefore, benefits from allowances on her card that enable her to easily finance these two benefits.
Meal vouchers
Allowance :
170.00 /month
Employer's contribution rate :
Sustainable Commuting
Allowance :
500,00 € /year
Employer's contribution rate :
15 km
Office work policy

Worklife for Sylvain - Technician

Sylvain's company has chosen Worklife to manage home care services and a remote work allowance for their employees. Thanks to his Worklife card, Sylvain finances his office equipment expenses as well as his childminder four times a week to look after his 4-year-old daughter Emilie.
Home care services
Allowance :
150,00 € /month
Employer's contribution rate :
Remote work allowance
Allowance :
300,00 € /year
Employer's contribution rate :
33 km
Partial telework

Financing employee benefits has never been easier

Finance meal vouchers

The Worklife CSR card is accepted everywhere! Your employees benefit from the largest acceptance network in France.
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Financing mobility

The only card on the market able to combine reimbursements of public transport and Sustainable Commuting.
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Finance a remote work allowance

Finance the costs of office equipment, computer equipment and internet for your employees who work remotely and boost their working conditions.
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Finance home care services

The most economical way to increase the purchasing power of your employees, and reduce their mental load. A digital alternative to CESU.
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