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Is Crédit Mobilité right for you?

Here are the main reasons why our clients have chosen to implement the Credit Mobility benefit for their employees.
Your company has a car fleet that you want to optimize (reduction of parking spaces, carbon emissions, etc.).
employee benefits
Your employees travelling by train represent a significant part of your workforce for whom your mobility offer is not optimal.
You wish to offer more flexibility to your employees in their daily business and personal travel.

Two implementation options exist

The Mobility Credit takes the form of a budget envelope to compensate :
The total renunciation of the old company car.
The amount of the Mobility Credit corresponds to 100% of the value of the old vehicle.
Switching to a smaller or less polluting vehicle.
The amount of the Mobility Credit corresponds to the difference in value between the old and the new vehicle chosen.

Your mobility policy goes to the next level

Eligible modes of transportation include

  • Public transport
  • All soft mobility
  • Train journeys, TGV, TER, Intercités
  • The cost of recharging at electrical stations
  • Vehicle rental
  • Parking fees
  • And much more!

Financed by the Worklife card

  • Your employees finance their journeys with their card, using contactless payment, or from their cell phone.
  • The distribution of the employer/employee share is instantaneous in the event of an allowance overrun.
  • Expense tracking is available in real time on the mobile app.

And whose management is connected with your internal payroll tool

  • Recovery of the necessary data.
  • Compatibility with URSSAF requirements.
  • Via downloadable file.

Your most frequently asked questions about Mobility Credit

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