Defend employees' purchasing power with the car benefit

The home-to-work journeys of employees with vehicles are financed up to €4,500 per year and exempt from social security contributions.

65 %
of the fuel budget of French employees is spent on journeys between home and work.
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They trust us for the mobility of their employees

The car advantage, for an inclusive mobility offer

The car benefit allows you to act and include employees who are far from public transport in your policy to support home-work mobility.


A mobility solution for your employees with vehicles and located outside the city.
employee benefits


To meet all mobility needs and make your policy more inclusive.


Taking part in the daily expenses for commuting to and from work.

What is the car advantage?

This is a monthly allowance that allows you to contribute to the commuting costs of your employees by financing their actual expenses.

The amount of the allowance is calculated on the basis of the kilometric allowance

  • The employee uses his/her own vehicle
  • For commuting to and from work
  • The allowance depends on the fiscal power of the vehicle, the number of days worked and the daily distance travelled

It can be used on the merchant network of your choice

  • You define your list of eligible merchants
  • At gas stations
  • In electric vehicle charging stations

And financed simply with the Worklife card

  • Your employees pay for their journeys with their card, in contactless payment, or from their mobile phone
  • The distribution of the employer/employee share is instantaneous in the event of an allowance overrun
  • Tracking of expenses is available on the application

And whose management is connected with your internal payroll tool

  • Retrieving the necessary data
  • Compatibility with URSAFF requirements
  • Via downloadable file

A tax-free solution

Unlike a bonus or a salary increase, the car benefit is not subject to employer and employee contributions for you, nor to income tax for your employees.
Bonus or salary increase €100 net
Car advantage
Amount awarded
100 €
100 €
100 €
100 €
Payroll costs
(assumption 23%)
23 €
0 €
Employer's contributions
(assumption 45%)
55 €
0 €
Tax credit
Income tax
(base IR at 30% after 10% allowance)
27 € (1)
0 €
Actual cost to the company
178 €
Actual gain for the employee
73 €
100 €
(1) Depending on the employee's personal tax situation.

Your most frequently asked questions about the Worklife car benefit

How often (daily, monthly or annually) do you recommend that this allowance be given?
Which routes do I really pay for?
Is it possible to set a maximum amount for this allowance?
Are travel receipts mandatory?
How does the map recognise petrol stations or toll booths?

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