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From office equipment, computer equipment, internet to energy suppliers. The Worklife card is accepted across all specialist shops and internet providers.

Your most frequently asked questions about a remote allowance with Worklife

What is the difference between funding a fixed allowance and a non-fixed allowance for remote work?
What types of expenses are accepted under the remote allowance?
Can my employees finance their water, wifi and electricity costs with Worklife?
Can the Worklife remote allowance be used in any retail or general shop?
Are we allowed to put in place a fixed allowance without proof of payment and a non-fixed allowance with proof of payment simultaneously?
For a fixed allowance, am I really obliged to count my employees' remote workdays?
How is Worklife useful if I only fund €10 per month per employee?

Would you also like Worklife to finance sustainable commuting, home care services and remote work allowance?

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