Home care services to lighten the mental load

Finance home care services via the only digital alternative to CESU, reduce employee absenteeism and promote well-being at work.

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Fund benefits that matter most

Childcare, elderly assistance to everyday needs. Define the amount you want to allocate to your employees and support them in day-to-day life.

Become a major player in employee engagement

Worklife provides a quick and concrete response to everyday challenges.

Offer a home care services allowance as an alternative to CESU vouchers

Valid across all home care service providers. Your employees simply pay with their Worklife card.

An effective parenting solution, available from the app

With the Worklife app, your employees can find the right caregiver at their fingertips

Direct link to URSSAF platforms: CESU & PAJEMPLOI

Worklife is directly linked to CESU and Pajemploi services via an API. Tax witholding and mandatory declarations are 100% automated.

Parenthood is the number one issue in companies. Worklife helps you find solutions.

Complementary social support

Social, economy and family advisors, as well as lawyers, are available for day-to-day support.

Your most frequently asked questions about Home care services with Worklife

What are the advantages of Worklife in comparison with pre-financed CESU?
Can home care allowances be personalised according to the situation of my employees (parents, number of children, managers)?
Can home care allowances be paid monthly, annually or depending on the employee's situation?
Is the percentage of home care allowance funded by the company customisable?
Where can a home care allowance be spent?
How many caregivers do you have in your network?
How can we be sure of the seriousness of the profiles available on the Worklife platform and App?
What amounts are included to calculate the €1830 exemption?
Some of my employees are already using a caregiver, how will they benefit from a home care allowance?

Would you also like Worklife to finance sustainable commuting, home care services and remote work allowance?

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