Sustainable mobility and cycling package for the home-work commute

The introduction of the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD) is one of the key measures of the cycling plan. What does the Sustainable Mobility Package allow to be financed around cycling?

The national cycling plan aims to triple the number of cyclists in our cities by 2024. This cycling plan is part of the Mobility Orientation Law. The introduction of the Sustainable Mobility Package is one of the key measures of the cycling plan.

Cycling: a device eligible for the Sustainable Mobility Package

The Forfait mobilités durables (sustainable mobility package) enables employers to contribute to home-to-work journeys made by bicycle, thanks to the LOM law. Employers can decide to grant up to €700 a year to their employees to encourage them to use "soft" forms of mobility.

What expenses are eligible for the Sustainable Mobility Package?

Sustainable mobility package and purchase of an electric bicycle

The employee can use the sum allocated under the Forfait mobilités durables scheme to purchase an electrically-assisted bicycle. The Forfait mobilités durables can be used in conjunction with the various subsidies offered by regional or local authorities. For example, Île-de-France Mobilités offers a 500-euro bonus for the purchase of an electrically-assisted bicycle. To this sum can be added the 700 euros (Promulgated by the Climate and Resilience law) of the Forfait mobilités durables paid by the employer. This is a real advantage for employees.

Sustainable mobility package and purchase of a "classic" bicycle

The Sustainable Mobility Package allows you to finance the purchase of any type of bicycle. This includes mountain bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.

Sustainable mobility and bicycle repair package

The Sustainable Mobility Package also allows you to have your own bike repaired. Annual maintenance or repairs (changing brakes, punctures, etc.) are included in the Sustainable Mobility Package. 

Sustainable mobility package and free-floating bicycle use

The Sustainable Mobility Package can also be used to subscribe to a bike-sharing service. These are self-service bicycles, electric or not 

Sustainable mobility package and bicycle mileage allowance

The Sustainable Mobility Package replaces the kilometre-based bicycle allowance, which rewards employees for using their personal bicycles to get to work. Employers who pay employees the kilometre-based bicycle allowance may continue to pay this allowance. This payment is then assimilated to the payment of the sustainable mobility allowance.

Good to know: since January 1, 2022, expenses under the Sustainable Mobility Package include the purchase of a motorized personal mobility device, in particular electric scooters, monoroues, gyropodes, skateboards and hoverboards.

Worklife card to facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package

The Worklife mobility voucher card offers greater administrative simplicity for the company and effective traceability of expenses. With the Worklife card, transactions can be tracked and their validity verified instantly in accordance with the company's mobility policy. Worklife guarantees the use of sustainable mobility by the employees and provides the company with a single monthly certificate for all employees. The company can thus be sure that the amounts allocated will be used for home-work mobility. No more payment receipts to analyse and validate. 

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