Dematerialised luncheon vouchers - what are the company benefits?

Dematerialised restaurant vouchers offer many advantages for companies. Savings, simplicity of management. Discover them

Dematerialised meal vouchers offer many advantages for companies. These advantages are both economic, with the savings they allow, and practical, linked to their daily management.

Economic benefits of dematerialised meal vouchers

  1. Exemption from charges

The best known advantage of meal vouchers is the exemption from social security contributions, which increases the purchasing power of employees at a lower cost to the company.

The conditions to benefit from the exemption are : 

  • It is limited to a value of 25 euros in luncheon vouchers per beneficiary per working day, excluding vacations during which no vouchers can be issued,

Good to know: As of October 1, 2022, the ceiling for using meal vouchers has been raised from 19 euros to 25 euros. This follows government measures taken to tackle inflation and increase purchasing power.

  • It is limited to a maximum threshold of company contributions for each voucher, which changes each year. A decree dated May 31, 2023 raised the maximum exemption ceiling for the employer's contribution to the financing of meal vouchers to €6.91 per voucher (previously €6.50).

2. Social and solidarity-based approach

By choosing Worklife dematerialized restaurant vouchers, you are supporting French restaurant owners. In fact, Worklife is the only issuer of restaurant vouchers to charge no direct commission to restaurant owners.

Practical benefits of dematerialised meal vouchers

  1. Alternative to the company restaurant

The first practical advantage of meal vouchers is that they enable companies with more than 25 employees to fulfil their obligation to set up a catering facility for these employees.

Indeed, joining the scheme is much cheaper, and much simpler, than providing suitable premises, installing a canteen on the premises, or sharing with other companies - the other accepted means of fulfilling this obligation.

  1. A card that can be reloaded remotely and accepted everywhere

One of the undeniable advantages of Worklife's dematerialised restaurant vouchers is the fact that they can be used everywhere (220,000 restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, etc.). Unlike paper restaurant vouchers, there is no minimum payment requirement. 

  1. Your employees spend unlimited amounts and to the penny. 

In restaurants and supermarkets, your employees can combine their personal payment card with their Worklife card. This way, they can pay with one card, with no limit on the amount!

  1. Simplified management

Finally, meal vouchers are extremely easy to manage from an accounting point of view. Worklife offers a unique and simple management interface for ordering, allocating and monitoring meal vouchers.

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