How to pay for personal services

Paying for personal services with dematerialised Cesu has many advantages for both companies and users.

Paying for personal services with dematerialised Cesu has many advantages for companies, users, local authorities and service providers.

Personal services (SAP) refer to activities designed to meet the needs of private individuals: housekeeping, small-scale gardening and DIY work, childcare at home or assistance with travel, tutoring or private lessons at home, help for dependent persons.

Advantages of dematerialised Cesu for companies

Companies that finance home services for their employees can benefit froma tax exemption of up to €1,830 per year per employee and a 25% tax credit.

The Worklife card, a more efficient and economical alternative to CESU

With the Worklife card, companies can finance all needs: crèches, childminders, disability, home services, Sunday care, etc. Companies can also choose to finance services in an equitable manner or to reward their high-performing employees at a lower cost to them. Moreover, unlike the traditional Cesu, the company no longer advances the costs: it only finances what is used.

More about the Worklifecard

Benefits for users

The Worklife card is an efficient solution for the financing of personal services. Worklife has created an API with the Urssaf, which allows the deduction at source to be taken into account when paying the home care worker. The Worklife credit also allows the financing of childcare hours once the CAF aid has been deducted, thus multiplying by approximately 2.5 the number of hours financed with the same amount compared to the classic Cesu. Worklife also makes it possible to finance all costs, including employee and employer contributions. Finally, users benefit from a 50% tax credit on the amounts remaining to be paid by them.

Benefits for communities

Theuse of dematerialised Cesu allows for optimal and simplified monitoring of the effectiveness of the aid paid. This is also the case with the Worklife card. Thanks to Worklife's partnership with Urssaf, the follow-up of all declarations is also optimised and simplified.

Benefits for stakeholders

Worklife simplifies the use of direct employment. Indeed, the registration of the worker, the payment, the declaration, etc.: everything is done instantly from the Worklife App. Everything is done instantly from the Worklife App. For the workers, it is a secure and fast payment method: no more cash flow worries, no more late payments or unpaid bills.

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