Digital Cesu - company benefits

Increasing the purchasing power of employees by financing home services with Cesu has advantages for the company.

Increasing the purchasing power of employees by financing home services with Cesu has many advantages for the company. 

A company can offer its employees pre-financed Cesu vouchers in the same way as it offers them meal vouchers, mobility vouchers or holiday vouchers.

How much can the company save with the pre-funded Cesu?

The company benefits from an exemption from social security contributions on the sums paid to employees up to an annual limit of 1,830 euros per employee. It also receives a 25% tax credit. The company can contribute all or part of the value of the vouchers.

The head of the company may grant himself pre-financed Cesu within the limits of what he offers to his employees.

The tax and social security exemptions relating to the pre-financed Cesu are very advantageous for the company. The pre-financed Cesu costs much less than a salary (about three times less) for the same purchasing power.

A card that provides a digital alternative to the Cesu - what are the benefits?

The Worklife card allows you to finance personal services. The tax advantages are the same as with the pre-financed Cesu.

Example of savings :

Unlike the pre-financed Cesu, the company does not pre-finance the Worklife personal services credits. The company only pays for what is actually used, thus enabling it to make significant savings.

Learn more about the Worklife card.

What can be paid with Cesu?

The Cesu can be used to pay :

  • The services of approved personal services organisations,
  • The wages of an employee employed by the private individual in his or her home,
  • An approved agent structure, charged by the individual employer with carrying out all the social formalities: drawing up the employment contract and pay slips, calculating and declaring the corresponding social contributions,
  • Childcare outside the home provided by approved childminders, institutions: crèches, drop-in centres, kindergartens, after-school care: care for children attending nursery or primary school, limited to the hours before or after school.

Here is the list of services that can be financed with the Cesu:

Activities carried out in the home :

  • home maintenance and housework
  • small gardening jobs
  • small-scale DIY services
  • childcare at home, including babysitting
  • home tutoring
  • computer and Internet assistance at home
  • administrative assistance at home
  • etc

Activities carried out outside the home (as an extension of a home service activity) :

  • preparation of meals at home, including time spent shopping
  • home delivery of meals or shopping
  • collection and home delivery of ironed linen
  • care and walking of pets, excluding veterinary care and grooming, for dependent persons

The other advantage is of course in the retention of your employees and the attractiveness that your social policy gives to your company, which can help you attract the best recruits.

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