Worklife, the only issuer of meal vouchers supported by restaurant owners

Worklife is the first and only issuer of commission-free meal vouchers for restaurant owners!

They support us

"We can only welcome the arrival of Worklife, a more social issuer that shows that an economic model that does not put all the costs on the backs of restaurant owners is possible"

Hubert Jan, President of UMIH Restauration
"Other economic models exist that are more virtuous for restaurant owners"

Laurent FrΓ©chet, President of the GNI restaurant owners' branch

Our credo

Restaurant vouchers bring value to the company that implements them, by being part of a global benefits approach, and become a driver of commitment for employees.

Our business model

Worklife is the only issuer of meal vouchers that commits itself not to take any commission from the restaurant owners. Unlike other issuers, whose commissions can reach up to 5% of the amount excluding VAT of each transaction, Worklife invoices the companies that set up this social benefit for their employees.

Our social mission

Worklife is committed to being a responsible partner for restaurant owners through impactful actions. Through our social and responsible approach, we want to encourage all meal voucher issuers to reduce their ever-increasing commissions.
"Restaurateurs now have the choice to accept only ethical issuers!"

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