All the advantages of the sustainable mobility package with the Worklife solution

The Worklife mobility voucher includes the mandatory reimbursement of 50% of transport costs and the Sustainable Commuting.

Reimbursement of transport costs and Sustainable Mobility Package on the same card

Worklife offers a solution to facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package by companies. Worklife, an alternative to mobility vouchers, integrates the robligatory reimbursement of 50% of transport costs by the company and the Sustainable mobility package on the same payment card.

According to the law, the Sustainable Mobility Package can be combined with the payment of 50% of the public transport season ticket, the overall exemption being limited to 600€/year combined. However, in practice, it is very complex to manage the two schemes internally because the company must constantly check that the €600 threshold is not exceeded. This is no longer the case with the Worklife card, which makes it easy to combine the two schemes.

Example: The company finances sustainable mobility in the same proportion as the reimbursement of transport tickets, at 50%. With each expenditure, the Mobility Allowance decreases in real time.

600 € Mobility Allowance / 50% financing

Step 1: the employee takes a 1-month Navigo pass at €75.20, the allowance increases from €600 to 600 - (75.20/2) = €562.4
Step 2: the employee takes a Vélib at €3, the allowance increases from €562.4 to 562.4 - (3/2) = €560.9 and so on...

An alternative card to the "mobility pass", valid for all transport operators

Until now, the 50% of transport costs were only covered by the annual Navigo pass (and its regional equivalents), but the Worklife card also allows companies to finance sustainable means of transport: bicycles, electric scooters, carpooling, electric scooters. The card is valid for all sustainable mobility players in the country. 

A card allowing the payment of single tickets

In line with the new teleworking practices, Worklife now offers the only card that also allows the payment of single tickets. The company can now finance only the days of presence in the office and no longer an annual subscription. This is a source of savings for the company, but also makes the employee responsible for his or her choice of transport. 

An instantaneous breakdown of the employer and employee share

Employees link their personal payment method to their Worklife card. This way, instead of paying the full monthly fee and then getting reimbursed, they now pay with their Worklife card and the employer/employee split is automatic and instantaneous. The card is linked to a mobile application that allows all transactions to be tracked.

Simplified management 

With the Worklife card, transactions can be tracked and their validity checked against the company's mobility policy instantly. The card automatically allocates sustainable mobility/transportation expenses, which greatly simplifies the management of human resources professionals. Worklife guarantees the use of sustainable mobility by employees and provides the company with a single monthly certificate for all employees.

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