Mobility vouchers: what's in it for the company?

The mobility voucher is a dematerialised payment voucher that allows the payment of transport allowances to employees. What are the advantages for the company?

Introduced by the LOM law (Loi d'Orientation des Mobilités), the mobility voucher is a tool that facilitates the payment of the transport allowance to employees. Inspired by the restaurant voucher, it takes the form of a dematerialised payment voucher used to finance the Forfait mobilités durables. With mobility vouchers, the company increases the purchasing power of its employees, while benefiting from numerous advantages.

Mobility vouchers - Benefits for the company

Mobility between home and work, including the mobility voucher, has become a compulsory topic in the annual negotiations (NAO). Mobility vouchers enable the company to give employees more purchasing power while controlling costs.

Mobility vouchers facilitate the use of the Forfait mobilités durables. The company grants a credit to employees, linked to an account and a digital platform enabling expenses to be tracked. This also avoids the need for employees to pay in advance and fill in expense claims for reimbursement.

The Worklife solution is an alternative to mobility vouchers, offering administrative simplicity for the company and effective traceability of expenses. With the Worklife card, the company can finance employee mobility and benefit from a tax-exempt scheme, capped at €800 per employee per year. Worklife issues a single monthly certificate for all employees, valid in the event of an audit. The company is thus assured that the sums allocated will be spent on home-work mobility. No more payment receipts to analyze and validate.

Mobility vouchers - Benefits for employees

Like the mobility vouchers, the Worklife solution offers more freedom and ease of use for employee travel. With a single card, employees can pay for public transport passes, car-sharing services (when the vehicles are low-emission), as well as for the rental of bicycles, scooters and electric scooters. Like the mobility vouchers, the Worklife card can also be used to finance the purchase of a bicycle and cycling accessories, or to recharge an electric vehicle at a station. Half of the mobility package can also be used to pay for fuel. 

Employees can combine their personal payment card with their Worklife card. In this way, they pay with a single card, with the employer's share and the employee's share divided up instantly. For example, an employee benefiting from the "Forfait mobilités durables" (sustainable mobility package) can use his Worklife card to purchase a bicycle worth €900. €800 will be deducted from the mobility package, and €100 will be deducted from the employee's personal account, with the allocation taking place instantly.

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