Sustainable Mobility Package and NAO

Thinking about home-work mobility: download the reference white paper to conduct your mandatory annual negotiations.

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Reminder, what is the NAO?

Compulsory annual negotiations, or NAO, are a key time of the year when employers and employees discuss and formalise the rights and duties of each party. These negotiations are compulsory in companies with more than 50 employees and must take place at least once a year. If there is no NAO, the employer is liable to a fine of EUR 3,750 and a year's imprisonment.

What are the topics covered?

Negotiations are open for discussion on all kinds of topics. However, a list of mandatory topics includes the following:

  • Remuneration, organisation and duration of work, modification of the employment contract ;
  • Inclusion of workers and employment of disabled workers ;
  • Gender equality and equal pay;
  • Working conditions, conditions of access to employment and vocational training ;
  • The right to disconnect ;
  • Employment trends.
  • And from 1 January 2020, the home-work mobility of employees

Focus on the LOM law

The Loi d'Orientation des Mobilités (LOM), adopted on 24 December 2019, aims to transform mobility policies by offering less expensive and more sustainable daily transport for all. It is in this context that the issue of home-work mobility has been included in the compulsory topics addressed during the NAO. The final objectives are as follows:

🚲 Encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport

✅ Covering all or part of the mobility costs incurred by employees

👛 Reducing the cost of mobility

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The easy mobility offer with Worklife

Download our white paper Sustainable Mobility Package and discover how to implement a mobility policy in line with the new NAO requirements. It contains among other things :

✔ Eligible modes of transport

✔ The staff and cases involved

✔ Exemptions from company charges

✔ HR feedback

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