Who are we?

A strong, international and diverse industry leader in home care services in Europe and Asia
A company in hypergrowth, having raised more than €4M, we're a member of the French Tech with a unique technology!
More than 60 employees (developers, legal experts, sales team, customer service, etc.).
We have more than 100 companies in our key account portfolio and more than 800,000 employees covered
Meal vouchers issuer, authorised by the Commission Nationale des Titres-Restaurant

How it all started

After founding Yoopies, Europe's leading social platform for care services, in 2011, Benjamin Suchar, a 34-year-old serial entrepreneur, launched Worklife: the global platform for managing and financing employee benefits.

As a global reference in domestic care services, present in 19 countries in Europe and Asia, Yoopies already had a b2b option, YoopiesAtWork, to help companies balance the personal and professional lives of their employees.

Today, Worklife goes even further by reinventing employee benefits. Worklife provides services for more than 100 companies in Europe and more than 800,000 employees offering concrete solutions to improve the quality of life at work. Among our customer base we have large firms including: Société Générale, Renault Group, SNCF, Air France, AstraZeneca, etc. Worklife aims to become the leading player in the employee benefits sector by the end of 2021.

The Worklife team

Our common values guide our work and bring us together

We want to make well-being at work accessible to as many people as possible. At Worklife you will find as much kindness as hard work.

Our core principle is to give the best of ourselves. Our commitment can be seen in our team spirit and mutual aid as well as in the attention we give to our work and our missions.
We want to learn from our customers, our users and our colleagues to build an incredible user experience.

"Why" or "How" are words that punctuate our working days in order to be involved in the company's vision, not only in the execution of daily tasks!
Our team is dynamic, proactive and ready to seize opportunities without setting limits to our initiatives, in order to always surpass our current goals.

Everyone is autonomous and does not hesitate to take on more responsibility to accomplish their missions and achieve Worklife's ambition: to become the world leader (USA excluded) in providing the best quality of life at work!
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Female workforce