#7 - Jessica Djeziri - Sustainable mobility, hybrid work, company culture: these advantages that make the difference when recruiting

As HR Director at Ornikar, Jessica Djeziri has to meet particularly high recruitment targets at a time when start-ups are waging a war for talent in the tech ecosystem. In this episode, Jessica tells us more about the advantages she has put in place at Ornikar, which she believes make the difference in attracting new talent.

According to Jessica, the company's culture is a particularly differentiating element, which is why she and her team have created a "culture code" for candidates in order to convey the values of humility and ambition specific to her company. 

Secondly, Ornikar has developed a hybrid working method, combining teleworking and office work. Each manager is free to decide how many days a week his or her team should be present. In addition to allowing the company to open up to talent located anywhere in France, hybrid work offers employees a particularly appreciated employee experience. 

Jessica also decided to implement the Worklife solution to accompany the Sustainable Mobility Package, simplifying the payment of soft mobility for the home-work journey. 

For Jessica, employee benefits will become increasingly important in recruiting top talent in the coming years. 

Enjoy your listening!

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