Social Support & Caregiver Assistance Module

Your employees are listened to, reassured and kept content.

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Comprehensive social support
A team of professionals
A team of professionals (social and family economy advisers, lawyers, social workers) are at the heart of our premises to support your employees.
Our missions
on the procedures and schemes, financial aid (PCH, APA, disability pension...) and specific existing schemes
to the competent bodies or the suitable structures
co-construction of a course with the employee. Written response and follow-up interview on D+3
Finding concrete solutions
thanks to our network of home care workers we have solutions for every home care requirement
A platform, a chat and a phone number to offer confidential support to your employees (France only)
Budget management
Stress Management
Find Quality Home Help
Company, walking partners & accompaniment
Our helpers can support the elderly or dependent people by preparing meals, reading, accompanying to medical appointments, administrative assistance, etc.
Home help
Support in daily life for household chores, shopping, etc.
Home support
Support for a disabled or elderly relatives, sick care, help going to the bathroom, medical care, taking medicines, assistance in getting up and going to bed
Valuing your social assistants
Do you already have social assistants in place? Worklife allows you to integrate a module for your employees to make appointments with them.
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Home Caregiver Management Tool
Digital contract (France only)
Complies with current legislation, verified by legal experts and electronically edited.
Performance monitoring
Follow-up of attendance hours, adjustment of the schedule, expense reports, etc.
Optimisation of aid (France only)
CAF aid, local aid, simulated and optimised tax credits. No cash advance for monthly aid.
Admin & Payroll
Paid leave, unpaid leave, transport costs, deductions, declarations, etc. Automatic payment by SEPA or credit card.
PAYE tax (France only)
Automatically deduct income tax from the domestic worker's salary, simplified and automated.
Declaration (France only)
Automatically carried out at the CESU and/or PAJEMPLOI - No steps to be taken.
Trusted Company Testimonials
The Worklife solution allows all employees, whether they are working in person or at home, to be relieved of the problems associated with parenthood. Worklife in 3 words: Simple - an easy to use platform with access to a telephone number for assistance, Effective - we have had nothing but good feedback from the services, Useful - employees are very grateful for the "relief" this childcare solution provides.
Eric Chevalier
HRD of AstraZeneca
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