#1 - Virgile Raingeard - What will be the employee benefits of tomorrow?

Welcome to The Novators, the Worklife podcast that explores the world of work today and tomorrow.

For this first episode, we spoke with Virgile Raingeard. A former HR director at the start-up Comet, he is now conducting a detailed study of compensation in start-ups with Figures. Virgile has just completed a major benchmark on employee benefits practices and in this episode he reveals the main findings.

Thanks to this study of more than 120 companies, Virgile had access to the most innovative practices of the moment, whether in terms of flexible working hours, CSR practices, mobility or well-being at work. For him, employee benefits are becoming a major competitive advantage in the world of startups as well as in that of large groups, and he explains why.

Enjoy your listening!

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