Meal vouchers now 100% digitised and 100% ethical

The card that simplifies the daily life of employees and the management of HR teams! Worklife is the only issuer of restaurant vouchers that does not take any commission from the restaurant owners.
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Up to €5.55 per working day and per employee, exempt from charge

Add to the employees' Worklife card balance remotely

Valid in more than 220,000 establishments (supermarkets, bakeries, etc.)

Ethical approach - no commission from restaurant owners

Meal vouchers accepted everywhere

Can be used in 220,000 restaurants, bakeries and even supermarkets. Payment is calculated to the nearest cent.

Add the card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and pay on the go with your mobile!

Your employees can spend an unlimited amount

In restaurants or supermarkets, your employees can combine their personal payment card with their Worklife card. They pay with one card and no limit is placed on the amount!
A single and simple management interface
Meal vouchers can be ordered and managed in the same place as all other employee benefits.
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Worklife is much more than just restaurant vouchers

Use the same card to finance personal services or transport according to your needs.

Managing the wellbeing of your employees has never been easier!

A unique, practical and easy to use system

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