Domestic Care Services

Fund child care and personal care services. Worklife is the most economical way to increase the purchasing power of your employees. A digital alternative to the classic Cesu.
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Up to €1830 per year and per employee and 25% tax credit.

Finance all your needs: nurseries, childminders, disability support, home services...

Don't advance any fees: only finance what is used.

A more efficient and economical alternative to CESU

Finance benefits that matter!

Childcare, personal assistance, daily needs, daycare ... Define the amount to be allocated: no social security contributions up to 1830€/employee/year and 25% tax credit for your company on the amounts paid.

Finance the services in an equitable manner or reward your successful employees at a lower cost to you.
A high-performance solution
Consideration of the PAYE tax
Worklife has created an API with URSSAF which considers Pay-as-you-Earn tax.
More childcare hours funded
The Worklife credit allows you to finance childcare once the CAF aid has been deducted, and thus makes it possible to increase the number of hours financed by around 2.5x with the same amount compared to the classic CESU.
Simplicity of direct employment
Registration of existing domestic employees, payment, declaration and more. Everything is done instantly from the Worklife App.
Financing of social contributions
Worklife enables you to finance all costs, including employee and employer contributions.
Personalisation of financing
Choose weekend childcare, the type of service and more, according to your specific company policy.
Financial benefits for the company
Deductible expense for the company, 25% CIF (Family Tax Credit).
Finance childcare for your employees. Manage all your benefits in one place.
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Worklife, a card to finance all employee benefits

Use the same card to finance meal vouchers or mobility according to your needs.

Managing the Quality of Working Life of employees has never been easier!

A unique, practical and easy to use system

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