Remote work allowance (France only)

Improve your employees' teleworking conditions and benefit from social contribution exemptions!
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Finance 50% to 100% of expenses and benefit from tax exemptions

Your employees pay for their office supplies with their Worklife card

Don't pay in advance: only finance what is actually used

No more receipts to manage: Worklife issues a certificate for all expenses

A large network of referenced suppliers

Finance office automation, computer equipment and internet connection expenses in all specialist shops and with all internet providers.

The breakdown of the instantaneous employer/employee share

Finance from 50% to 100% of the expenses related to telework. The split between employer and employee is done instantly at the time of payment.

More individual receipts

Don't worry about receipts: Worklife issues one certificate per month for all telework-related expenses, valid in case of an audit.
A single and simple management interface
The funding of the telework allowance and the management of all other employee benefits are finally in one place.
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Worklife, a card to finance all employee benefits

Use the same card to finance meal vouchers, personal services or mobility, depending on your needs.

Managing employees' Quality of Life at work has never been easier!

A unique, practical and easy to use system

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