Sustainable mobility package

Finance your employees' transport in a simple and effective way: forget the time-consuming method of processing receipts and electronically reimburse transport costs through providing a sustainable mobility package

Up to €500 per year per employee exempt from tax

Valid for all transport operators

Employees pay for their transportation with their Worklife card

No more physical refunds
to manage, eliminate the chance of accepting forged documents

Reimbursement of transport costs and sustainable mobility package on the same card

Give your employees more freedom in their choice of home-to-work transport! The Worklife card enables you to finance all public transport and make use of all the available sustainable transport options in the area (cycling, carpooling, etc.). Worklife mobility vouchers include the compulsory reimbursement of 50% of transport costs by the company and the sustainable mobility package on the same payment card.
All you need to know about the Sustainable Mobility Package

One card offering an instant employer / employee split!

Your employees can link their personal payment card with their Worklife card. You decide what percentage the payments is reimbursed. They pay with a single card, and the distribution is instantaneous!

Simplified management

No more individual receipts to take care of so you can avoid receiving any false documents. Worklife issues a single certificate each month for all your employees, valid in the event of a check by the authorities.

The only card that can be used to pay for single tickets

Worklife is reinventing employee benefits in line with new remote working practices. Save money by financing only the days employees are at the office! Worklife offers the only mobility voucher card that allows you to pay for individual transport tickets.
A single and simple management interface
The payment of travel expenses, the mobility package and the management of employee benefits are finally grouped together in a single place.
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Worklife, much more than just transport vouchers

Use the same card to finance restaurant vouchers or personal care services according to your needs.

Managing the wellbeing of your employees has never been easier!

A unique, practical and easy to use system

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